Monday, June 08, 2015

I love black people

UNLIKE MANY WHITE folks,  who practically break out the beachwear as soon as the temperature climbs above 40, black folks in the hood will wear winter coats until 65 and wool stocking caps when it's 70. One of the kids asking to pump my gas for cash  was in one and I saw a young mama holding her baby, also fitted with a knit cap. Why?? I mean, I realize we're from subsaharan Africa and all, but still. It's just a bit extreme. At least the white vagrant I saw earlier had a reason to wear his fur flap hat -- he has nowhere else to keep it. 

By the way, when I asked the two boys, who looked about 8 and 10, why they were there and where their mama was, I learned their mama's in Mississippi and they stay in Chicago with their sister.