Monday, November 13, 2006

Egypt: An Ancient Country (a retro-post)

Compiled from the research papers of Mrs. Hartmann's sixth grade class, January 1997

In a country named Egypt They believed that there was an after death, so They started mummifying people in the late 1600s.1

The liver, stomach, and intestines were removed by making an incision on the left side of the body. Sometimes the heart was in the body when they died.2

The body was then ready to be raped
in nitron and put on a tilted slab ... The body was aloud to dry for at least forty days ... Finally the mummy was placed in a coffin or sometimes a series of coffins.3
They washed the corps after 70 days.4

Egyptian's would decorate crocodiles with bracelets, nucleuses, and errings ... Egyptian's believed it was lucky to get eaten by a crocodile.5

Female hippos resembled the goddess Towert. Towert was the goddess of love.6

Cleopatra has been in many plays, paintings and movies. ... In 48 B.C., Ptomley seized -- and drove her from the thrown.7

Cleopatra wasn't a bad queen , but she wasn't a perfect queen ,but she was a good queen . I don't know how many kids she had . But Cleopatra will go down in history as a risktaker,a great queen, a beautiful person ,and wonderful queen.8

The step pyramid was built of King Zoser.9

... The most amazing thing is that the Pyramid has 6 rises and the six rises lead the Pharoahs to heaven.10

Egyptions buit the Great Sphinx about 4500 years.11

Like the egyptians other ancent people decorated temls and temples whith curvingo orpictures of phones.12

The king was inspired in his labors by a dream he had as a young man. In the dream the sphinx talked to Tuthmoise and told him how much he dislike being king he ordered the send to be cleared him the Sphinx and later recored his dream in a rock in scriptured his still stands between that the sphinx was created by Chephren the son of Chops.13

... The ancient Egyptians believed the nose to beat the seat of life. Today the Egyptian government is trying to get the sphjnxes nose and beared back from the face of Chephren for million to come.14

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