Thursday, May 10, 2007

For all artsy homo sapiens,
it’s a pleasure to introduce you to

I have never laughed so hard at a rap song. (The link is to the mp3.)

This is not new stuff, but SoCal's Soup The Chemist is still an atypical cat, still unknown and still deserving of his due. Probably because for much of his career he was rockin' the mic at churches instead of clubs. But as a true artist and a seminal figure in Christian rap, he raised the bar of a formerly very wack genre to a whole new level.

Born Chris Cooper, his original rap name as the frontman of SFC was "Super C." That mutated into "Sup the Chemist" and then its present form. The last several years of his career (he's "retired" from the rap game now, and I think started a catering business), he moved more toward positive hip-hop on a backpack tip. A lot of underground cats West and East peeped his style and I’m sure it has influenced some of the guys out there whom you’d least expect.

Soup's old website is down, but he just got a Myspace going, with only a couple of tracks so far. Check back for more. Meanwhile, there are some Soup gems hidden all over the Web.
Here. (I like the THC reference in this one)
This is by an artist named Immortal, where Soup guested
Also one here
This is Soup guesting on a Future Shock cut “Waxing Philosophical”
This is a guest appearance on Mark J “Headbobbers
Wewetalktalkininechoesechoes. Soup guests on a Peace 586 joint from a few years back.
More samples with Soup guesting on this page (if they move for any reason you can go to Soundclick main and search “Soup the Chemist”).
But corny, simpleminded people will never have a clue on how to enjoy this cat's flow.

* 2010 UPDATE: Full Soup album downloads, 100 percent free:

Eargasmic Arrangements

Dust (2000)

Microphone Theology (1994: one Soup track)

Phase III (with SFC, 1992)
and Illumination (1994)

Thanks to Po'Safe!

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