Sunday, March 06, 2005

contents of all my pockets (four pants pockets, three jacket pockets) after several days of not emptying them.

One (1)  Kyocera cell phone.

One (1)  compact mirror. Yep, they're not just for girlies needing to check makeup ... they also work for spying food between teeth, boogers hanging out of nose, contact lens emergencies, etc.

Two (2) tubes Aquaphor Healing Lip Ointment. Why two? I dunno. The first one was lonely?

One (1) 8 ml. bottle Renu Multiplus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops. Lubrication is critical.
One (1)  vial, "Kush" scented oil.

One (1) packet, Sugar in the Raw.

Four (4) packets Sweet 'n' Low.

Two (2) individually wrapped bags, Jewel Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black Tea. You never know, I may meet the Queen of England or something.

Three (3) sticks each, Wrigley's Big Red and Spearmint chewing gums.

One (1) George Costanza wallet containing dozens of miscellaneous items (including many business cards and a lot of female emails and phone numbers)

One (1) twenty-dollar bill and 86 cents loose change.

Two (2) front door keys. Again, I guess the first one got lonely and invited his twin brother along.

One (1) Jewel receipt and coupon.

One (1) Bic disposable lighter.

One (1) Camel Turkish Gold cigarette (in box).

One (1) old, decrepit pocket memo pad.

One (1) contact lens case.

Nine (9) misc. scraps of trasn paper (Sweet 'n' Low and gum wrappers, etc.).

One (1) postcard given to me by a London photographer, with phone numbers and email addresses of girls and guys I met gallery-hopping on Friday.

Eleven (11) business cards.

One (1) matchbook courtesy of Flossmoor Station brew pub.

Seven (7) pieces of tissue, various lengths and stages of use.

Four (4) slips of paper with scribbled notes (and one blank slip).

One (1) slip containing Nordstrom job info.

Should I get a purse?

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