Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First, find your soul (a retro-post)

(Image stolen from Jaina.org)

From a chat workshop hosted by Mystress Angelique Serpent, Shaman, Shaktipat Master, Pagan High Priestess (3rd Degree), Yogina, clairvoyant, channeller, Reiki Master ... and Dominatrix:

[Mystress] enters this room

[scott] enters this room

[MrDill] enters this room

[Mystress] heya.. welcome.. !

[Mystress] ok. First, find your soul... look within yourself for a tiny bright spark of light. It is likely near your power chakra.

[Mystress] find the spark of your soul inside you, let me know
when you see it or if you cannot..

[Mystress] find it, Scott?

[scott] i can't pinpoint it.. but i can imagine it

[scott] it looks dark

[MrDill] I'm trying

[Mystress] I think you may find it is outside your body, near your head, scott

[scott] wow

 [Mystress] explains a lot, really... see it?

[Mystress] on the right...

[scott] i can't say i do

[scott] i don't know soul looks like

[Mystress] soul looks like a star, tiny bright light.

[Mystress] Resolution= Soul retrieval.

[Mystress] Goddess please gather all the parts of these men's souls, where ever they may be, heal them, integrate and put the soul right back where it belongs.

[Mystress] say "yes, thank you" and breathe,...

[scott] i don't feel all sketchy

[scott] my head has cleared up

[Mystress] excellent, Scott! You will find yourself less fearful and vulnerable in the future too...

[scott] great!

[Mystress] Yeah, there are a lot of strange side effects of not having your soul in your body. Body gets scared without it, thinks you have died... doesn't know how to be.

[scott] the change is phenomenal

[Mystress] yeah!

[Mystress] give love to your soul, until it lights up your whole body.

[Mystress] love, gratitude

[MrDill] Is my soul supposed to be located in the same place as his?

[Mystress] usually it resides near the power chakra but it varies with the

[Mystress] if you cannot find it, just imagine it.

[MrDill] I keep thinking that it is sort of between my shoulder blades

[Mystress] ok, then it probably is. Take note of your mental and emotional

[Mystress] So, where are your souls now? Report..

[scott] i think mine took off again

[Mystress] it is back beside your head. Imagine it back at your
power chakra.

[Mystress] good!

[scott] haha

[Mystress] easy, eh?

[MrDill] I keep thinking either chest or belly

[Mystress] your soul is your spark of consciousness, and you can move it around to look at stuff... like it has an eye.

[Mystress] now, imagine the star moving down to the area of your second chakra.

[scott] it is easy!

[Mystress] Yes, easy! just use imagination or intent.

[scott] why does it keep moving, is it unconscious?

[Mystress] yes, partly, it naturally goes to look at stuff... and partly ego. It can get stuck in different ways and lose its natural place and mobility.

[scott] i see

[Mystress] so now we are going to take the soul on a tour of the chakras... to get to know the levels better

[MrDill] Sounds like an interesting way to do it

[Mystress] yeah, it is!

[Mystress] so, imagine that the spark is at your second chakra, hold it there.

[Mystress] you have both read the Fire Serpent Tantra essay where I explain the chakras by how they each see a glass of water? This is how it was written...

[Mystress] as you hold the spark, become aware of the state of your emotions, mind and body... how you feel, what thoughts come to mind, etc.

[Mystress] second chakra is about emotions, relationships and sexual pleasure.

[Mystress] so when your soul spark resides there, you are more aware of yourself physically, emotionally and sexually.

[scott] lots of pain

[Mystress] Hold the spark in the second chakra and check it out.

[Mystress] soul light is the most powerful healing, shine the soul on the

[Mystress] do you both understand about how the location of the soul changes how you are?

[Mystress] Do ya get it?

[scott] yah

[MrDill] Sort of where your focus lays, on what chakra, effects ones state of being

[Mystress] Yes!

[Mystress] Now move the spark into the heart chakra

[MrDill] And I suppose it is the kind of focus also

[Mystress] energy follows attention.. the soul sorta does this anyhow, goes to where your focus is...

[Mystress] not always though.

[MrDill] Hmmm,,, I feel happy now!

[Mystress] with your soul looking at the world through the heart... you get
thoughts of spiritual love and compassion.

[Mystress] and joy!

[scott] yes

[scott] i feel so painful

[Mystress] maybe another reason why you preferred your soul outside your body. It tends to escape if there is too much karma.

[scott] i see

[Mystress] you know the old warning about gaining the world but losing your

[Mystress] you are empathic and carrying stuff that is not really yours.

[scott] haha is that why?

[scott] i see

[Mystress] I know you were thinking you are a bad person... nope. Just kinda messy... temple got full of graffiti and litter, you did not know what to do about it and it hurt less to not be there. To detach by leaving.

[scott] yah

[scott] i don't know what to do with the empathy

[Mystress] fill yourself with soul energy and it won't be such a problem. It was partly caused by how nature abhors a vacuum... fill you with you... even if it hurts, use gratitude to turn it blissful.

[Mystress] this chat is going off topic a lot! o well..

[Mystress] now move the soul to your power chakra.

[MrDill] Power = 3rd right?

[Mystress] Feel the soul at the power chakra.. yes, under your ribs at the

[Mystress] and feed it with gratitude.. feels like you guys both have a
rats nest in there...

[Mystress] notice what thoughts come to mind..

[Mystress] probably the contents of the rats nest, revealed in the light of
the soul...

[Mystress] remember to stay grounded.

[MrDill] Yep, I need to clean out that nest

[Mystress] so what comes up? Power chakra is about personal power, free
will, divine will, victimhood and hierarchies

[Mystress] it is also the astral=mental level.

[scott] hierarchies... a bit of victimhood... maybe lots of it

[scott] i feel like my power chakra is telling me to get my life in check

[MrDill] Just a bunch of stuff that I KNOW I need to do with my life, to make it more MY life.

[Mystress] yeah!

[MrDill] No excuses

[Mystress] Dill, your reaction explains why the soul likes to hang out at the power chakra,.. soul path stuff is navigated there. Free Will & Divine Will together at the boundary between the unity universes and the nonduality chakra universes. The soul is You, your essential eternal infinite spark of consciousness, and it is Goddess, it knows why you chose to incarnate and what you planned to experience this time round.

[Mystress] now, move the soul into the root chakra.

[Mystress] root chakra is interesting, eh? it is pre-verbal.... deep and silent like the earth

[scott] as soon as I hit the root I said "boom"

[MrDill] I feel like my Root Chakra is saying, "About time you paid a visit"

[Mystress] root is the foundation, where the serpents begin.

[Mystress] issues of basic survival and belonging on the planet reside here.
[scott] i feel like i can find lot of balance there

[Mystress] yes, firming up your foundation would help you stay grounded and true to your self

[Mystress] abide in the root and feel how you are... sense of the properties of this chakra in a directly intuitive way.

cat_artist enters this room

[Mystress] hello Lesley.. we are meditating on the root chakra

[Mystress] nice energy eh?

[cat_artist] Yes. Except I feel it on my left face and nostril interesting.

[cat_artist] Hello Mystress. Salute

[Mystress] Love to you, Priestess.

[scott] it feels like home

[Mystress] yes, lovely.. simply being. No words, few thoughts, just earth and sun and you alive

[Mystress] now for contrast, move the spark into the throat

[Mystress] completely different universe, eh? There is song and poetry and laughter

[scott] is it normal to smell things

[Mystress] sure. What do you smell?

[Mystress] and tastes and smells... appetites...

[scott] i can't pinpoint it but something from work I think

[Mystress] do you all feel the difference?

[scott] yes lots of laughter and poetry

[Mystress] Do you get the difference between the deep silent primitive earthiness of the root, compared to the flowering of art and communication.. culture of the throat?

[Mystress] they are truly different universes, eh?

[scott] the root reminded me of clay, the throat was busy

[Mystress] yeah, it is like going from Neanderthal to Renaissance

[MrDill] Bad Thyroid gland makes this a hard one for me.

[Mystress] that idea is not resonant. The chakra blockage came first, the thyroid was result not cause. Blocking your art, your creative expression. Send the soul into the thyroid...

[Mystress] now float the soul above the crown

[Mystress] move your soul above your head and reconsider that thought

[MrDill] k

[Mystress] there is a chakra that is like a glowing ball, a foot or two above your head... move the soul spark there

[scott] the crown seems undescribable

[Mystress] indeed, it is

[Mystress] from the crown, remember how the power chakra issues you discovered looked... but stay in the crown

[Mystress] from there you can see them for the illusions they
really are...

[scott] yeah

[scott] i put them there and they were nulled

[Mystress] you are infinite...

[Mystress] you just forgot...

[Mystress] so.. to sum up... every chakra is a dimensional universe, and different people choose to primarily live in one or another. You can tell by what they focus on. Whether they are about love, or power, or sex, or transcendence... and they seldom agree!

[Mystress] imagine scott of the power chakra arguing with scott of the crown about death... they will never agree ...

[scott] hahaha the power chakra Scott is throwing eggs at the
crown, and the crown is saying huh?

[Mystress] but each of them is right , in their own way for the universe where they live.

[Mystress] You can think about something in your life, and move the soul from chakra to chakra, to look at it from different angles, so to speak... and make your decisions based on the total information, rather than the single perspective of the chakra where you usually live. As you experienced, often simply looking at a problem from a higher chakra perspective, resolves it.

[MrDill] In which Chakra do you tend to dwell Mystress?

[Mystress] the power chakra, because it holds discernment and the soul path.

[Mystress] it has the karma alarm, tells me if my thoughts are
"Right action"... and whether the boundaries of the body are being respected... my
personal sovereignty.

[Mystress] keeping my awareness there helps to keep my empathy in check.

[MrDill] k

[Mystress] but for teaching and writing, I move between crown, throat and heart.

[scott] what about the third eye?

[Mystress] sure, go there.

[scott] Mystress when I was in the crown it really felt like my body was
saying come back

[Mystress] yeah, you need to stay in your body... but I wanted you to get a crown perspective for a moment. See your limiting beliefs for what they are... illusion.

[scott] Mystress i can relate to you when you say that you talk from the crown throat and heart

[MrDill] Where we going to do something with the third eye

[scott] yah

[Mystress] Go there... you know how.

[MrDill] k

[Mystress] it is not very describable either, but very interesting.

[scott] it wanted to look at things, mine thought he was the boss saying I
can do anything

[Mystress] you can do anything... you just don't believe it.

[scott] yah

[scott] this was a very good lesson

[MrDill] Yep, it was. Haven't gone inside myself like this for a few months now

[MrDill] =)

[scott] thank you!

[cat_artist] Mystress, it's very good just to be 'listening' to your energy. Very soothing.

[Mystress] y'all mind if I edit the chat and post it to the list?

[cat_artist] I don't mind

[MrDill] Sure

[scott] only if u make me sound really witty

[Mystress] Thanks. You all did very well!

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