Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stuck on You (a retro-post)

OKAY, SO BY NOW you've heard of this week's two glue-related stories: the one about the Pennsylvania stick-up artist who Super Glued her ex-boyfriend in some uncomfortable places, and this man's dubious case against Home Depot for a allegedly sticky toilet seat.

But you haven't gotten your fill of glue and stuck people just yet. Oh no! You want more. Well I got more!

Well, just to preface this next item, you should know that I don't profess any special expertise in bizarre fetishes, nor do I aspire to such expertise -- okay? With that disclaimer out of the way, I'll bring to your attention this particular phenomenon. Although it seems PG-13 at most, this has got to be one of the most bizarre I've ever heard of.

I stumbled upon this very, very weird corner of the Internet about three years ago. I met a most fascinating friend online who told me she had played guitar with a band called The Gluey Brothers. (Check 'em out -- they're like the Beastie Boys meets Devo meets They Might Be Giants.) While exploring the "Gluey Links" at the official Gluey Bros. site, I found a link to ...

Stuck Girls

When I clicked over to Stuck Girls I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing.
(The site is pretty much history; the main page and thumbnails are there, but none of the hyperlinks will work.)

This discovery sent me on a strange journey into another world, where I encountered lots of photos or drawings or stories about girls stuck in stuff: glue, mud, honey, their own shoes, even their chairs.

On occasion one finds stuck men sinking in quicksand.

Fat girls in quicksand? That's more my thing.

MeerKat, the creator of Stuck Girls, now runs a site about "girls who are permanently stuck in cheesy animal costumes."

And of course, there are message boards devoted to this fascination as well.

This particular corner of weirdness appears to be an offshoot of the more popular "bondage" fetish community. Oh yeah, which reminds me:

God commands you to spank your wife

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